Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pre-course Reading on Chapter 1 & 2

Time passed.

Society had changed ... 

In order for us, teachers to move forward in trend with the students, our teaching are consistently improving. This is for the benefits of our future younger generations, especially in our case as we are the first to touch the young hearts and to inspire them.

As an Early Childhood Educator, I strongly believe in "leaving no child behind". Every child should have strong support and opportunities to learn math as math is essential in our daily life, unknowingly. Imagine how hard life would be, when you step into the lift and could not identify which number to press, for you to get home. 

Math is no longer just about 123... Instead, it is a perfect combination of Math and Science. Science is defined as a system of acquiring knowledge, whereby observations and experimentation are used to explain the reasons. While Math is defined as concepts and methods that have a regular pattern and sequence. 

By getting children to observe the concept and experiment the trial and error method in order to solve the solution is okay. Never underestimate a child's potential. There are like 835536 ways to solve a problem, and the essential point is to find the suitable concept to solve it. 

We should move away from spoon feeding the children with concepts, and expecting them to throw it out back during tests. Give the children ample space and time for them to work out the solutions on their own. Let them understand the concept, and solve the solution with their own methods. Allow them to explore Math. It doesn't hurt to be innovative ain't it? 

Say goodbye to drilling methods and teacher-directed lessons.

Who says Math can't be fun ? 

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